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About Squareloot

Squareloot, co-founded by Tsahi Tal and Adir Ron in 2017, is a growth marketing boutique created by 2 ex-CMO’s with vast experience in virtually every digital marketing discipline, and have covered, worked in, or managed digital marketing projects in nearly every single vertical in the startup sector.

We believe “marketing” is so much more than running paid campaigns or writing a few blog posts, and it all starts with proper strategy and planning.

We have worked with B2B, B2C, and everything in between. We’ve worked with bootstrapped startups operating from a garage to multi-million international corporations. We know how to adapt our unique approach and way of thinking to every product and help it grow.​


Our Mission

Our mission is simple - we want to see more startups of all kinds succeed. We know how hard it is for new businesses to achieve financial success and growth, even if your product practically sells itself. We’ve been there and aim to change the status quo.


Our Vision

We see ourselves not as guns for hire, but as an integral part of any project. We are there for you and we will do everything in our power to help you reach your goals. We are partners and our success is only derived from your success.


Our Values





Direct action, no fussing

The Squareloot Approach

Squareloot provides CMO-as-a-Service solutions. This means we look at ourselves as an integral part of your business and function as an extended part of your team. We align ourselves dynamically based on your needs and goals, and strive to constantly push the envelope with creative ideas and out-of-the-box innovation.

Now that you know us, get to know what we do.

Meet the Team


Adir Ron

Co-founder & CEO

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Former CMO at Mytopia, Win.com, Tacticsoft


Tsahi Tal

Co-founder & COO

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Former CMO at Tacticsoft, ASOdragon


Yael Pe'er

Marketing Director

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Previous experience includes Win.com and IronSource

Arielle Segal

Social Media & Content Specialist

Previous experience includes OmniCom WB and Blonde 2.0


Rubin Barsheshet

Digital Marketing & Advertising Specialist

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Previous experience includes McCann and WeWork