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Choosing the Right KPIs - The North Star Metric Method

A hands-on workshop covering what NSM is, examples from relevant businesses, and our “backtracking” method of breaking down your NSM into actionable KPI’s you should be working on right now.

Making an Impact with Social Media - in-depth Social and Thought Leadership strategies

A hands-on workshop covering social media and thought leadership strategy. From the research phase (and which tools to work with), through finding your voice & tone and gaining followers, and up to scaling up social interaction and driving business growth.

Using App Store Optimization (ASO) to Boost your Ranking and Install Rate

A deep-dive into ASO, covering the basic principals of ranking, differences (and hacks) between iOS and Android, advanced techniques to find low-hanging fruits, case studies, A/B testing methodology and more.

Mobile Game Monetization - Models, Methods and Hacks

Specifically for mobile game developers, this workshop covers IAP monetization, Ad monetization, and Subscription models - diving into each model and exploring innovative ways to grow revenue.

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